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While the Ford and Chevy guys might get a kick out of that, it should be noted that the car's demise was caused by a cracked aftermarket torque converter—the only non-Mopar part of its drivetrain. While the obvious fix would be to simply replace the lame torque converter with a Mopar unit, miles of high-rpm Power Tour driving before the breakdown suggested there might be a better alternative.

Why not install one of Chrysler's new four-speed overdrive automatics in place of the original Torqueflite?

Dodge Sweptline Custom IFS Suspension – Heavy Duty Rear 4 Link Combination Kit

The reduced engine noise and improved fuel economy would make it even better for Power Tour ' First introduced for the Dakota trucks inthe A and A automatic overdrive transmissions are based on Chrysler's and Torqueflites, respectively. Either transmission can be found in the Mopar Performance catalog, part No. P for the A and P for the Aand the gear ratios are identical to the older trannies, with the exception of the overdrive. However, the catalog listing included the ominous warning, "requires major modifications on A-B-C-E body.

As mentioned before, either tranny is available, but because it would be dealing with a plus-hpwe went with the beefier A and sent it directly to JVX, Inc.

The first thing we noticed when the new unit arrived at Art Carr was how closely it resembled an old The tranny's front half is identical to the old Torqueflite, and the A is only a few inches longer, with a thicker tailshaft housing for the overdrive mechanism. How tough could this install really be? Well, we can't say we weren't warned. As the Mopar catalog stated, a fairly "major" chunk of the driveshaft tunnel had to be "modified" before the tailshaft housing would clear the body.

About 1. Rather than creating a new piece from scratch, Art Carr's technicians used the original crossmember end pieces and fabricated a center section designed to match up with the A's lower rear mount. Finally, the A's increased length required cutting the driveshaft down from On the plus side, the original starter, tranny cooler lines and throttle linkage worked with the new transmission. So while not exactly a "bolt-in" upgrade, getting the A to physically fit into an old B-body or E-body Mopar can be done, and much of the original hardware will bolt directly to the new unit.

But getting it to fit was only half the battle. Now we had to figure out how to make the GTX shift into a gear it was never meant to have. As with the physical installation, it was almost as if Chrysler planned on people doing this conversion. First, the A continues to use only six shifter-selector positions rather than having the "OD" position that GM and Ford use. This means that with a column-shift musclecar, the shift linkage will completely bolt up.

The GTX's floor shift, however, required some additional custom fabrication to get the shifter to operate the A Once bolted up, the linkage banged into an unused ear on the tranny's case, so it was ground off, giving the linkage plenty of clearance to operate smoothly from Park to First gear. When switched on, the solenoid closes and the tranny will immediately shift into overdrive whenever it's in Third gear. Once in overdrive, the transmission will not come out until the solenoid is switched open again, or vehicle speed is slow enough to cause a First gear downshift less than 5 mphor the vehicle is floored at a speed low enough to catch First gear.

JVX and Mopar Performance are working on a system that uses engine vacuum to operate the solenoid. Until that's available, just keep the switch off during stop-and-go driving. Of course, the real benefits of overdrive can't be experienced in the city anyway.

It takes a cross-country road trip like Power Tour to fully appreciate the overdrive tranny. Since that's still a few months away, we ran some numbers to give you an idea of what highway travel is like in this "old" musclecar.

With the GTX's 3. With the A's 0. Now that's assuming a factory stall torque converter, which we did not use. But even with an additional rpm worth of converter slippage, that still figures out to around Here's another way to look at it: If we installed a set of 4.

That's still less rpm than it used to turn at the same speed with 3.First off, here's the good news: The block drops right into place. Yes, with a simple pair of adapter plates bolted to the block, a new Hemi engine will go into any old Mopar muscle car. However, the problems start piling up when you begin to add stuff to the block--you know, essential things like an oil pan, headers, a cooling system, wiring, and a transmission.

OK, this swap really isn't easy, but Mopar guys are always up for the challenge pun intended.

sweptline hemi swap

Anyone with a Summit catalog and a telephone can build a Chevy, and the Ford guys have it pretty easy, too.

But die-hard fans of Ma Mopar are more like pioneers of the Wild West. They need to do more of their own engineering because there simply isn't the volume of parts available for their cars.

Now, say you want to do something crazy like swap a new engine into your old Dodge or Plymouth, and you're really asking for trouble. The new Hemi, referred to as the Gen III, has been around sinceand as more engines become available at lower prices, more guys are considering this swap. As more people do the swap, more parts become available to make the job easier--and the business of new Hemi swaps is literally exploding. We spoke with several companies that are making parts needed to adapt the newer engines to A- B- and E-Body Mopars with a minimal amount of frustration.

Mopar freaks, pay attention. We'll give you the rundown. It displaced 5. Inthe 5. In the '05 model year, a bigger-bore 6. The new Hemi is a cool engine that is better than previous Chrysler V-8s in nearly every way.

1961-1971 DODGE D100 FRONT POWER DISC BRAKE CONVERSION KIT - 11.75" Standard Rotors

It weighs less, is manufactured to tighter tolerances, is more fuel efficient, and has greater output per cubic inch. In fact, the 6. Knowing that, who wouldn't want one of these in his car?

Of course, the resto and Concours guys won't, but the dude looking for reliable, tunable, modern performance wrapped in classic sheetmetal will find this option irresistible. JR Bouchillon of Bouchillon performance says he's sold more new Hemi engines than any other engine his company offers.

And his is a family-owned, Mopar-specific business with a year history. So is the new Hemi right for your project? Old-school guys will say no, and we can appreciate that. The new engines lack the fist-to-the-gut impact of a Six Pack or Elephant Hemi. Plus, the new Hemi swap is by no means a drop-in, weekend job, so you're looking at hours or years of work or big bucks to send your car to a shop. Even if you do the job yourself, it won't be cheap.

Among other things, you'll need a number of custom parts, new adapters and fittings, a revamped fuel system, and all the electronics to run the engine. If you are down with all that, the trade-off will be "a hp engine that gets 22 mpg that you can drive every day," according to Jonathan LaPaglia, who was one of the early adopters of the swap, dropping a 6. He speaks with authority, too.Another 11 second run down the quarter mile.

The 5. Used Magnum engines are readily available, and they make great economic replacements for low power, worn out, or displacement-challenged Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler LA V8s or Slant 6 engines. The best part about using a Magnum engine is that the expensive machine shop bill associated with a full rebuild can generally be avoided.

Unlike their low compression LA counterparts, the Magnum engines have better, more consistent machining, lighter internal parts, and performance compatible compression ratios straight from the factory.

They also carry hydraulic roller camshafts, capable of generating more street-friendly horsepower than flat tappet designs. Hydraulic roller cams are zero maintenance and there are no worries about zinc content in your oil or flattened lifters.

Because the Magnum is a direct descendent of the LA series engines, they are nearly a direct replacement for an LA small block, and many inexpensive and readily available performance components for the LA series engines are direct bolt-ons. Please Note: All of the information presented here is for use at your own risk.

Working on cars, racing cars, etc. We caution you to use good sense and be careful, but accept no responsibility or liability for any outcome. Give them a look when you need parts!

Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Because Novak has always maximized our domestic supply and internal manufacturing paradigm, we are seeing little interruption due to the Co-Vi situation. However, permit a day or two extra for fulfillment and be aware that we may contact you with questions or options on items where our suppliers may be having difficulties. One of the most enjoyable Jeeps to work with today is the Jeep YJ Wrangler, as built from to These Jeeps are a most excellent powertrain swap platform, with their inherent durability being greatly upgraded and complemented by versatile GM power.

These conversions take some basic planning and effort in their execution, but the results can be quite fantastic. With improvements in power, fuel economy, reliability and broad range driveability, once one has driven a YJ with a proper GM conversion, it's too hard to look back.

Even the Chevy V6 and Buick V6 motors offer great upgrades from even the best tuned and built factory engine options. Before we talk procedure, let's cover a bit of the history of these Jeeps and their key parts that will play a role in the planning of a successful conversion. The YJ underwent many significant changes from its CJ predecessor. The legally embattled AMC, having been grilled for the hyped rollover risks of the CJ, specified a 6" wider track for this new generation of truck.

This entailed a wider frame and a somewhat refined suspension, featuring wider and longer springs and an anti sway bar that together provided a set of road manners not yet seen by its preceding generations. The YJ did retain the same body width wheelbase length specification as the CJ7, at However, the frame was formed of a heavier gauge steel and stronger throughout its length than all prior CJ Jeeps.

This YJ was introduced with a standard, painted steel body, but forChrysler specified and produced the body in galvanized steel, greatly adding to the rust resistance of this new model. The styling of the front clip was arguably less graceful than the CJ.

The headlamps and signal lights were squared as were the fenders and even grille slat openings. The boxier design trends of the mid-eighties had their way with the new Wrangler, and made them the butt of jokes from a generation or two of die-hard CJ buffs.

But the jokes began to fade as a classic breed of off-roaders began to turn these YJ's into increasingly commendable trail rigs. The engine fits great into the bay, and owner S. Lomoriello shows some beautifully clean installation work. This improved MPI four-cylinder persisted and increased slightly in power through the model year. It's ever increasing entanglement of emissions control complications were no help. No doubt an improvement, the 4.

This 4. Power was up and fuel economy nudged up a bit from theand the addition of this engine boosted the YJ powertrain into a somewhat more respectable realm.Sweptline Showcase. Sponsored Links. OK guys, Ive got to take the into the shop withen 2 weeks to get her done by April.

I have a truck motor that was a 4bbl I can use for the rebuild or a car motor. Is there any differnce in the block and crank???? If I use the car motor can I put the truck oil pick up and pan on it?

sweptline hemi swap

Re: car VS truck block?? Posted by: JimmieD I researched a lot about 20 years ago before stuffing a in my Townie, Fish.

sweptline hemi swap

Can't remember why, but something like ' were the choicest of all, usually motorhome engines. I did have to swap oil pans, they fit. Got a front sump, had to change to rear sump to clear Townie axle. Clearanced HD high flow pump got me cruise pressure of 60 lbs, 80 lbs startup when cold. I used 1. Got titanium seats installed, shaved too. Good to parallel deck the block before align boring the holes because A engines were known to have some issues with the decks from centerline.

Parallel deck of head surface gets all the squish right and align boring all lets the engine spin free. Mine had a sweet exhaust note, really growled through 66 Hemi Coronet mufflers, but quiet with no droning or rumbling for normal cruising or towing heavy.

At cruise you could hear it burbling happily, real mellow sound, then romp it and everybody on the street spun to look, " What was THAT?!!!

Click here to login. Moderators: PhilswptlnbenMoparNorm. This forum powered by Phorum.Inthere were no changes to the V8 engines offered by Dodge. The standard 3.

Suspension, Steering, Dodge Sweptline

However, the six -cylinder engines changed quite a lot. Two versions of the "leaning tower of power" were available. The ci and ci displacements. The classic L-6 ci was still used in Power Wagons. The D trucks received the ci as standard equipment. Since no other manufacturer had a simular "high economy" engine, Dodge light trucks were almost as economical to operate as the compact imports such as the Volkswagons.

Of course, one cannot mention the engines without bringing up the alternator. Dodge was the first automaker to introduce the alternator. The alternator could charge even at idling speeds and reached a peak charge rate quickly. Another first for Dodge!

Swap A New Hemi Into An Old Mopar

The Power Wagon W continued to use the ci. L-6 engine. The new ci engine the was able to power the med. The standard engine was the slant-six. Optional engine was the six available as a zero-cost option on the D model only. A was an added cost option for all pickups. The W and W trucks came with the six as standard equipment. With the new Custom Sports Special a powerful wedge V8 was optional. This high performance engine had; The wedge was capable of pushing HP.

Dodge added a hard-working HP ci V8 motor. The new engine provided extra power for the emerging camper crowd.

Betsy The Sweet Old Barnfind Dodge D200 Camper Special (Sexy Sweptline Survivor)

Advertising of the day cited, "Go Camping With Dodge. An optional automatic was also available. Other major manufacturers did not adopt a warranty simular to this until late in the 's.

Big news in was Chrysler's decision to pull the powerful wedge engine from the options list of the Custom Sports Special. Base motor was the ci. V8 was optional.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

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sweptline hemi swap

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